Exceptional Value

PDC Machines has refined the PUMA Drive magnetic mixer to the highest level of technical achievement and quality of construction. This results in a mixer requiring infrequent service, is simple to operate and maintain, and will provide many years of reliable low-cost operation. The advantages of the PUMA Drive magnetic agitator include:

  • Air-cooled drive tube isolates the heat of the vessel and removes the heat generated by the eddy currents of the magnets to retain the torque rating of the drive during operation.
  • V-Belt Drive uses no rotary or mechanical seals, never needs lubrication, is simple to maintain.
  • Proprietary speed sensor technology directly and accurately measures the drive shaft rotation and detects the event of a magnetic coupling failure.
  • Fixed or Variable Speed Drives uses AC or DC motors for any electric service, or air-driven motors.

  • For mounting our PUMA magnetic drives on our customers reactors or pressure vessels, PDC Machines can provide suitable flanges.

  • Among the many types of impellers offered by PDC Machines are: auger-double helical-anchor impeller (left), single helical ribbon impeller (center) and pitched blade impeller (right).

  • Thru bore design for excellent alignment, stable and vibration free operation.

  • Air driven magnetic mixer.

  • A digital tachometer can be connected to the magnetic mixers to monitor the speed of the stirrer.

Installation and Mounting

Special Adapter flanges and brackets to mate with any tank, vessel, or mounting configuration.

Impeller Designs

PDC Machines can provide an extensive selection of stirrers/mixers is available with your PUMA magnetic drives. Impeller options include but not limited to flat & pitched blades, single and double helical ribbons, anchors and gas dispersion. We can also provide special impellers based on our customers specifications.

Through Bore Magnetic Drives

PUMA magnetic drives agitators use a through bore design utilizing three identical support bearings, eliminating the need for multiple spare parts. This feature also simplifies in cleaning and the maintenance of drives, which results in the reduction of maintenance costs.

Drive Motors

A wide selection of TEFC, Explosion-Proof, AC/DC, and air driven variable speed motors are available to operate the magnetic mixer or magnetic stirrer fixed or variable speeds. Horse power range from 1/8 hp to 8 hp to meet the agitation/blending/stirring system torque and speed requirements.

Endless Options with PUMA Drives

  • We work hand in hand with our customers to provide the optimal mounting solution. PUMA drives magnetic mixers and magnetic stirrers come with standard, threaded vessel connections that must be machined into an existing vessel. We will custom manufacture alternative mounting solutions to accommodate specific customer requirements. These include, but are not bound by:
  • ANSI flanged mounting arrangement.
  • Custom flanged or threaded configurations to adapt to an existing opening or nozzle style.
  • Sanitary connection.

Compatibility to Meet your Processing Needs

PDC Machines’ PUMA Drives can be manufactured from most machinable alloys to ensure compatibility with the intended process media. These include:


300 series SS, Hastelloy®, titanium, and many more machinable alloys for use in corrosive processes. Non-metallic coatings are available.

Static Seal Types

  • All types of elastomeric o-rings
  • Spiral wound gaskets from acceptable alloys and fillers
  • Lens rings for high temperature applications
  • Bearing materials
  • Carbon graphite
  • Various grades of Rulon®
  • Non-lubricated, anti-friction ball bearings for special applications

Speed Control System

Proprietary speed sensor technology measures the speed of the drive internals. This insures accurate measurement of the drive movement and will detect the event of a magnetic coupling failure.

Speed-control panels complete with programmable VFD and digital speed indicator with control outputs via customer control system.

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