Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetically coupled mixers

PDC Machines Puma line of magnetically coupled mixers are constructed to suit a variety of mixing requirements. Our agitators have been used in batch and continuously stirred reactors (CSTR’s) operating in laboratories, pilot plants and small scale production environments for many years.

PDC’s Puma drives are magnetically coupled and provided with a tachometer pick-up and digital readout. They can be supplied as a belt driven mixer including belt, belt-guard, and motor; or in-line mixer with motor and gearbox as needed. All mixers are provided with shaft and impeller(s) to suit process mixing requirements.

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  • magnetic mixers
    70” Ib. magnetic mixer assembly complete with the magnetic drive, stirrer, electric motor, belt, belt-guard and flat blade impeller.

  • magnetic drive mixersMagnetic Drive with flat blade impeller, internal cooling coil, sampling tube and temperature sensor.

  • magnetic agitator
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PDC Machines supplies top entry magnetically coupled mixers suitable for various mixing requirements such as:

  • Liquid blending
  • Gas/liquid mixing/dispersion
  • Solids suspension

We supply magnetically coupled mixers for application in a variety of markets which include:

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polymers
  • Plastics

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Exceptional Value

Protects the health of the operator, integrity of the product, and the environment

By using static seals between the magnetically coupled mixer and the vessel, our mixers allow for leak-free, contamination and emissions-free mixing. This protects the health of operators, the environment and ensures the integrity of the product. This makes it ideal when working with toxic, hazardous, highly corrosive or high purity materials.

Low maintenance, high reliability and dependable operation

Multiple support bearings and superior alignment extends bearing life and reduces maintenance costs. Puma mixers are easily serviced in the field with minimal down time. Puma mixers have few consumable parts eliminating the need for costly maintenance inventory.

Process compatible materials of construction

PDC’s magnetically coupled mixers can be manufactured from most non-magnetic machinable alloys and supplied with process compatible elastomeric o-rings.

Extensive selection of custom-designed impellers to meet your mixing requirements

An extensive selection of custom-designed impellers are available such as propeller, turbine, anchor, helical ribbon as well as custom designed impellers to meet your mixing criteria.

Compatible mixer mounting connection

PDC’s Puma mixers include a PDC specified mounting connection. If required, PDC can custom manufacture alternative mounting solutions to accommodate specific needs, these include sanitary connections, ANSI flanges and or custom flanges or threaded adapters.

High speed vibration free operation and proprietary speed sensor technology

Up to 5,000 rpm on certain models. Proprietary speed sensor technology measures the speed of the internal mixing shaft which allows for accurate speed measurement and detection of magnetic de-coupling.

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